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It is your duty, as a salesperson, to always do what is right for your customer.

Even if that means turning down the business.

No matter what the circumstances, you have an obligation to take care of the person who is buying from you.

Sometimes this means walking away from the deal, referring them to your competition, telling them you might not be the right fit, etc..

You always need to have that "bad fit alert" radar going during the sales process.

This means that you are not focused on the commission check as much as you are on the well-being of you and your potential new account.

This makes for an amazing business relationship, especially long term.

Don't be afraid to walk away from the business.

If you got a chill when you read that, then you suffer from a scarcity mindset and have lost site of abundance.

Not trying to be a jerk.

I just want to drive home that if you are so focused on one or two sales closing and doing everything in your power to get them closed, you are doing it wrong.

Always be focused on the quality of life in your sales position for you and your future business relationship.

What are your processes during the discovery meeting to help you identify whether or not you are a good fit for the customer and vice versa?

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100% truth. If it’s not a good fit when they are a prospect, wait until you take money from them. 
16 days ago
Amen to that!
16 days ago
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