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Coming into work, day after day and getting nowhere you want to be..

It might make you feel hopeless...

Coming into work, day after day and getting nowhere you want to be, constantly feeling as if you’re just barely surviving.

But who do you blame for it?

That’s the first place you have to start.

Are you taking responsibility or are you pointing fingers at someone/circumstances as the culprit for your outcomes?

The number one question to ask yourself...

Are you in control of your own destiny?

Are you in recognition that nobody else can manifest your results but yourself?

Are you allowing yourself to feel tired?

Are you letting yourself become numb?

Are you gladly placing blame on something other than yourself?

What’s the truth...

It’s time to step into it.

It’s time to choose legendary and allow your actions to speak louder than ever.

It’s time to walk out in Faith.

It’s time to double-down on your strengths.

Pick-up the phone and call that client you have been procrastinating about getting in touch with.

Get started on that crazy idea you had about prospecting for net new business.

Shoot that video follow-up you keep telling yourself needs to be done.

No more wasted moments.

No more silence.

No more sidelines.

It’s time for you to Rebel and lead the charge for change.

Build. Your. Legacy.

Dale Dupree
Founder at The Sales Rebellion
National Account Manager at Fitness On Demand
very true. Action will make you feel better. 
7 days ago
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