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It's Cliche to say "Personalize Your Outreach"

People talk about making the sales call/process all about the prospect.


You said it and now everyone is nodding their head because it sounds so nice.

But there’s something they all miss here.

Why should the prospect care?

You are an unfamiliar person attempting to make your outreach feel personal via text, email, video, tinder, whatever the case...

You know what most of you say to yourselves when this happens to you?

“Why should I care?”

But you won’t admit it.

People leave messages and send me emails all the time that have this same mentality as stated above, but there’s nothing that really motivates me to write or call them back.

Because they still say “I’d like to sell you something” and “when can we get 15 minutes on your calendar.”

At this point it’s cliche to say personalize your sales outreach/process.

There has to be an experience element, a familiarity, relevance. A curiosity that drives you to respond.

The prospect needs to be tempted to write back, emotionally stirred up. Motivated to reach out to you and move the ball forward.

Some surface level personalization and a few perceived value points won’t get you there.

Because you’re projecting your own perceptions.

And all you want is an appointment.


-Your Prospect

#ChangeTheGame #B2BSales

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