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Join the conversation next Thursday

It's far easier to create content, to put yourself out there, and to speak publicly on topics that make you feel confident, like you really know what you're doing.

But the world is filled with experiences and events where none of us feel confident.

Events and experiences that make us ALL feel uncomfortable.

Are you one of the many Americans that has struggled to figure out how to speak out about everything that is going on right now?

I've spoken to so many leaders and business professionals lately -- especially white people -- who are filled with fear and anxiety about saying the wrong thing.

And so they say nothing - even though they know they want to say something.

So I'm hosting a conversation next week for us to talk about how to navigate this.

***How to know when to speak up

***How to figure out what to say

***How to deal with the inevitable results of upsetting some people

Join me next Thursday at 1pm PT.

Register here:

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