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It's okay to mourn all that you might be losing throughout this trying time.

I've spoken to startups who just had the demo day of their accelerator canceled.

And event organizers who've been forced to shut down events they've been planning for months

Even managers facing a hiring freeze for teams that were supposed to be growing.

We are all losing out on opportunities, facing an uncertainty that is downright unparalleled.

Give yourself and those around you the time you need to grieve this loss.

And then prepare to slowly regroup and prepare to rise again.

Great post and reminder, Kasey. I know for some they view this as a crisis that has never happened before. It isn't the first or only crisis we might experience. Some people a little older (like me) have lived through them. Financial/economic, resources (no gasoline), terrorism. It all ends up working out fine. Mind you, I'm a positive person but n... See more
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