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It's time to rise again

To end last week, I had a huddle with the managers

Letting them know after this weekend it was time to “rise again”

Not just ‘get back to normal’ but rise above our previous expectations.

To rise above the noise.

To rise above the fear and worry.

To truly not just rise to our expectations, but rise above and beyond them.


This was the word in my head over and over again all weekend.


This is our theme right now. (ya'll know I love a good theme to latch onto)

This week we either make the choice to stay where we are, or to rise up, take challenges head-on, and go further than we have before.

This was my ask this week, of myself and my team.

Let’s Rise.

Remember what happened when we all sat down and actually wrote out goals?


Remember what happened when we took the time to really think about who we wanted to be and wrote it out?


Remember how powerful our 3x3s were when we followed them.


Time to do it again.

This is our theme.

This word is our focus.

Let’s Rise.

Anyone else that needs to hear this, you can and you will Rise.

Make it a focus.

Take action.


Are you ready to rise again?
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