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It's time to step away from your screen and into the field.

How can your sales team take you seriously when you've never done the job yourself and handing down horrible advice that hurts more than helps?!

I hear about this

This is a key reason why good salespeople leave or what they're looking for in a new role.

Please do yourself, your team, and the business a favor...

Step away from your spreadsheet or regurgitating bad advice you read online that doesn't apply to your business and get some valuable perspective firsthand via your team and buyers.

Spend time with them (often), listen, absorb, learn, know not all advice you read about online applies to your business, it's okay to not have all of the answers, and check your ego.

The minute you start doing this, you'll see things change for the better!

Sales IS NOT a one-size-fits-all world, please stop treating it as such.

Friday PSA.

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