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It's story time.. “We can’t have you losing, can we?”

It was 4:00 pm, on the last day of the month, which happened to be a Thursday and I had 1-hour to write $40k in business...

Or else I was going to lose.

The company was giving away an all-inclusive trip to Vegas for the person who wrote the most net new business over the next 2-months.

I had not been a part of a culture like this in my career.

Everything paid for? Suite at the Bellagio? Count me in!


January blew past and I had taken the lead writing $35k in net new business.

But the rumor was that another rep had a deal for about $60k coming in, on top of what she had already written.

This would put me behind her at $40k based on what I had in my pipeline.

Looked to be a blowout...and at the start of Feb, she signed it.

But there was an account I had been nurturing in my Living Pipeline for over 2+ years.

And they just happened to be close enough to a purchase that I could get them to move.

I started slowly working them toward a close.

And at 4:00 pm on the last and final day of the competition I called the decision maker and told him EXACTLY what was going on.

“We can’t have you losing, can we?”

At 4:56 pm he texted me a picture of the signed paperwork.

For a whopping $150k deal.

The blowout turned out to be in my favor!

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Dale Dupree
Founder at The Sales Rebellion
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