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"Juneteenth is just another day.

Plus I don't mix politics with work, so I'll be banging out dials like business as usual"

said the young, white Sales Guy.

To which I replied


America treats winning and freedom as sacred ideals.

Juneteenth checks both of those boxes in as profound a way as the Fourth of July and yet, is still not a federal holiday.

There has not been widespread awareness on Juneteenth like we are seeing right now in our lifetimes. So no, as a point of fact, it is not just another day.

It's a day of historical and cultural significance. Suggesting otherwise is tone deaf and offensive.

Racial Equality is not a political ideal.

It is a moral imperative, and one that we haven't gotten right yet.

If you are intentionally ignoring or dismissing the significance of this at work, you cannot be contributing to the culture and sense of inclusion there in any meaningful way and that is concerning.

You're of course entitled to this kind of thing, but I had a little time today so I thought I'd take you up on the teaching moment which your comment presented.

Happy Juneteenth, though."



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