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Juneteenth + Supporting BIPOC Sales Professionals

Bravado: Statement of Solidarity

Since Bravado was founded in 2017, one of our cornerstones is: Empower more women, minorities, and LGBTQ candidates to obtain a career in sales. Championing diversity in sales has always been part of the fabric of our organization, and will forever remain so. Today, we are moving from being allies to accomplices in forcing long overdue changes throughout the world.

In light of recent events, we have reflected on both our internal culture along with how we can use our external platform to create sustainable changes within sales. Starting today, June 19, 2020, we pledge to elevate BIPOC sales professionals through the immediate, short term, and long term commitments outlined below:

Immediate Actions

  • Bravado employees donated to anti-racist groups. Bravado as a company matched all donations, while CEO Sahil Mansuri triple matched each donation. In total, we raised $30,000+ and will continue to support BIPOC moving forward.
  • Juneteenth and Election Day have been added as official holidays this year and years to come. We want our employees to celebrate the end of slavery and make their voices heard. 
  • Bravado will provide training and workshops for all employees, targeting harassment prevention, inclusion and diversity, and unconscious bias. We hope these measures will create a safer, braver and more inclusive environment for our team.
  • All employees were given flexibility over the past few weeks to take time off in order to march in protests or support their own communities as they saw fit. 

Short Term 

  • Bravado will launch a sponsorship program dedicated to the advancement of BIPOC sales professionals. Scholarship funds will target training for BIPOC to gain leadership roles within sales. Applications will be open for submission this summer.
  • We will collaborate with BIPOC groups in sales. The goal is to extend long-term support to one group this year, with an additional group added each year moving forward. We would appreciate nominations of groups that could use our support.
  • We commit to recurring conversations on supporting the Black community internally and externally. We commit to holding a recurring internal meeting to reflect on the progress of our initiatives and to hold us accountable to our commitments. Additionally, we will host at least 1 external event per quarter on the topic of diversity, inclusion and equity.

Long Term

The efforts for this movement do not stop today; we have a lot of work to do. We will amplify our current practices and launch new initiatives.

Diversity statistics of people within the sales industry are not as easily found and known. We hope to take an inside look at the sales industry and close the gap in this research. We will use the data to drive new initiatives and leverage opportunities for BIPOC professionals.

We will do better when creating new content and leverage opportunities to reach every BIPOC individual. We will take an inside look at our current mentorship program and content calendar to ensure the end results meet our intentions of equity.

Lastly, we will take an internal look at our team. We will create a diversity report card that will show BIPOC representation in numbers. We will elevate our team's standards with a Code of Conduct that will be reflected in each person's performance review.

We will fight to bring equal opportunity and access to the profession of sales for all BIPOC. We stand together in solidarity, committed to this cause.

With love and strength,

Bravado Fam

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