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Workplace Culture

"Just click through the HIPPA, Harassment and Diversity training. Nobody actually watches the videos."

That's what my manager told me my first day on the job at a B2B tech company.

Too new to rock the boat and too passionate about these matters to just let it go, I didn't really know how to proceed.

At first I just observed. I noticed that there were no other black people on the sales team. I noticed that the other women on the team were blonde, family friends of the men in the C-suite.

I noticed Sameness.

And then I listened. I listened to how the high ranking men spoke about the women in their lives. As pretty and passive appendages.

I listened as my male teammate asserted that he didn't like a strong female boss character on TV shows because "there are no women like that in real life so it's not believable."

I saw that on paper, all these folks "passed" the training modules required under the law.

The company had invested in compliance, but they had failed to build culture.

In response, I fought, I advocated and I gave until depleted.

What I needed was a framework, a partner and a platform to facilitate the work I was doing.

Today, that framework, partner and platform exist.

Are you investing in culture or just compliance?


Nikki Ivey
Social Marketer and Business Development Nerd at Remote
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