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Justice for my friend Gabe Winzer

My heart broke watching the video about #GeorgeFloyd. I was also incredibly enraged.

However, the primary reason for this post is to bring visibility to a case that never made national headlines - as I'm starting to realize many don't.

A friend back in college at University of North Texas, #GabeWinzer, was murdered by police in 2013 in Kaufman TX. Kaufman PD responded to supposed call that there had been someone on a bike shooting at people in the area.

They opened fire on him at over a football field length away - roughly 150 yards. His father saw it all happen and while attempting to resuscitate him, was arrested & charged with assault with a deadly weapon for supposedly biting one of the officers. Though, there was no evidence of any bite marks. His father was tried by an all-white jury, convicted & sentenced to 5 years in prison in 10 minutes.

Their case is about to reach the supreme court. Please help spread the word about this case so that it might get the level of national attention it deserves.

Praying for justice to come & come quickly. In the meantime, using whatever platform I have to help elevate his story.

You can donate to his family and their legal expenses here if you feel led to do so:

#justice #gabewinzer #blacklivesmatter #supremecourt

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