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Kieran Scully

What am I doing here? Well apart from it being the question we all ask ourselves on a regular basis, in short, I'm on Bravado to connect with pretty amazing people in the technology and sales worlds.

Following on from studying for a Law Degree, and graduate with a degree in life, I moved into the Online Gambling world. 19 months later, and as a 22 year old having lived in London, Malta and San Francisco (all with the same company), I had a crack at starting up my own company. That didn't work out, mainly due to a lack in business experience, tech knowledge and much more. I could sell the vision, raise awareness, and all the other nice things, but the product just wasn't good enough.

I moved into recruitment (quickly ducks under the table to avoid the flying objects and resonating boo's), recruiting tech professionals in the open source world and spent almost 5 years at a small boutique with zero growth opportunities. Fed up I finally responded to a Head Hunter and found myself recruiting sales professionals for tech companies, and living in SF again! Shortly in I relocated to LA and built out the entire sales team for recruiting SaaS professionals for StartUps.

4 Years later, I moved back to the UK and took over the London team. London was, and still is, so far behind California in attractive tech startups that I quickly restructured the team to help recruit for the next "unicorns".

And that brings me to being here, on Bravado, typing the longest introduction ever! I'm in the midst of setting up a new proposition internally to support all small companies in the tech world (all the way down to pre-seed) in providing them with tools, and personnel, to help drive their business to success.

Through my own failures, I've been able to help a large number of companies scale their teams, launch in new territories, set up comms structures, and receive additional funding or IPO - fair enough, I may not have been even 1% responsible for their success, but behind every good idea, needs to be a team of talented sales professionals to let the world know how awesome you are.

I'm here to provide insight, salary guidance, market information, location recommendations, and of course anything else in the sales recruiting world.

Hi Kieran, That is so interesting and I agree long, but I am sure it was not easy to keep it interesting to the last line. :) Cheers
Thanks for reading and congrats on making it to the end Aarathy.
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