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KPI systems (part 2)

For your lunch break!

Part 2/2 of "Back of the Bus" for the Flip the Script Tour where Scott BarkerJosh Braun  + myself go deep into the 2nd half of KPI systems, how to build one that drives the right behaviors among your SDR team & pays them out idoneously.

Forewarning, this one gets a little more heated than Part 1.

Love to hear anyone & everyone's thoughts, as always :)

First, Scott is making quarantine hair look like a thing... haha! 

Becc I think you made a great point, that if reps are paid just on seats filled, company size, or other subjective criteria, then AEs take a loss financially and optically in the eyes of the company while BD and Marketing seem fine.

The "family-style" method of depending on reps to be...
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