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Ladies, #GirlsClub's application is open!

As you all know by now, we at Bravado are passionate about sales as a profession – and making it one we can all be proud of. We want to introduce another organization we support and the opportunity that’s open with them right now.


#GirlsClub is committed to getting more women promoted into sales leadership. In fact, their graduates boast an over 70% promotion rate within six months!


If you’re a woman in sales and you’re THINKING about leadership, this is your opportunity. #GirlsClub specializes in taking women who feel about 10% ready and getting them to 90% FAST. Now’s the time to prioritize yourself and invest in building your long term career. This could be the right group and the right training at the right time.


This year they’ll pick 100 women to participate in their exclusive certification program with management training, mentoring, confidence building and spotlight opportunities. And Bravado is honored to provide the sponsorship so the cost is less than a 2-day management seminar. 


Applications are open now till November 15. GO FOR IT!


The link above will also lead you to open information sessions and a download to learn more.


Don’t put it off until you feel 100% ready. There’s a demand for more female sales leaders, and #GirlsClub will help 100 women get there next year. Why shouldn’t it be you? 

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