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Last Friday Kira Hills squeezed in a conversation with Kasey Jones and me

Why was it squeezed in?

Because Kasey and I haven't done enough on the podcast to ensure we're sharing the stories of #black #sales pros. Yes we've had some on the show - but not enough.

Diversity of thought and voices has been a goal of ours since inception - and while we've done "okay" - recent events have made it painfully clear we've fallen short of our goals.

This ends now. Starting with Kira each week in June (and possibly beyond) we will share an interview with another amazing member of our sales community who happens to be black.

Our focus is the amplification of voices and stories that have been ignored too long.

Our hope is you will listen with an open mind and HEAR what your sales brothers and sisters experience.

Sales can be the best career because results speak for themselves - except when the situation gives some people a head start and others a handicap.

Until we acknowledge the experiences of those different from us we cannot hope to create environments where everyone can thrive.

It's a start. We hope you'll join us.

#womeninsales #diversity #inclusion #endracism #blm #hardconversations

Ashleigh Early
The Other Sales Coach at Ashleigh Early
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