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Let's chat SDR compensation - what are some horror stories? Curious from the SDR side and the sales management / firm side!

SDR comp is probably one of the biggest growth areas in sales land. Quotas are often set willy-nilly, or using a single formula. That single formula is usually 3 steps. Take the annual sales goal. Divide by AE headcount = quota per AE. Multiply by desired pipeline coverage (3x-5x-7x, etc). Can anyone see the problems here? There are a few glaring issues with this methodology. Let's complain together (and then chat about a better solution...). Make believe VP Sales: "SDRs will always complain about COMP, and it's a lose-lose for us. The number is the number, and this isn't a charity, it's sales gawdammmit!" Make Believe SDR: 'Comp plans are literally black magic. They change all the time. They just want to squeeze us for more output. The better we do, the more they raise they bar. This job sucks, i'm going to become a CSM!".

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