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Let's have some fun...

Quick and easy tip on how to bring humor into sales.

Google the following things.


Persona Funny Shirt.

Persona Meme.

Industry Meme

Persona Coffee Mug.

Persona Inside Joke.

Worst things about being a PERSONA

What I hate about being PERSONA

Top 10 things Persona HATE


What this will show you is how your persona/prospect joke about things.

What do THEY think is funny.

You might think the latest cat meme is all the rage,

But I just so happen to know that Dr's love the "Don't confuse your google search with my medical degree" joke.

This is how you put humor into your prospecting, videos, follow up, and presentations.

BONUS: This type of stuff makes for better swag and direct mail too

Find what THEY think is funny, and find places to use it.

Sales is hard enough, let's find some places to have some fun.

Never thought of it this way but this is genius! Thanks for the share! 
Hell yeah Faraz Farooq - Put it to work!
Will do! 
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