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Leveraging Partnerships & Sales to achieve success!

Hi all! My name is Carina Shahin and I am on the partner team at Sendoso and so excited to join this community. Before I started in the Partnerships world, I was an SDR and sales is still a huge part of my life! I work as an account manager to our many partner accounts, help create partner engagement activities and tools, and work with many sales professionals all over to help accelerate their deals and help accelerate the deals of my own sales reps here at Sendoso.

What I have learned so far in Partnerships is that building meaningful and long lasting relationships with others in this space is so crucial to our own success! We all can help each other out in more ways than just one and all it takes is a trusting relationship and friendship.

I am here in this community to offer assistance where I can and to help you find more success in your career. Whether that is giving insight onto people and accounts I know well, introducing you to my connections or figuring out ways to get you to where you want to be or who you want to be connected with. What I have learned so far is that in this community and space, offering what little you may know can help people out in enormous ways.

Always here to help, connect, & learn!

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