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Looking for advice - handling nurture & maintenance accounts?

Hey all - wondering what other organizations are doing with the leads that get kicked to the SDR team and have no traction after finishing out their initial cadence.

🌵 Sometimes, it seems like it's all quiet on the prospecting front.

*Note - these aren't target accounts, mostly reservoir lists that get delivered to the sales dev team by marketing (aka me haha). We let SDRs own their target accounts forever.

I've seen a few examples of how teams are handling this (my own process included below), but I would love to hear how this community is handling it.

1. Let SDRs own accounts in perpetuity. Help them build nurture campaigns to keep in touch monthly/quarterly (until we get a hard NO or a yes).

2. Kick the accounts to marketing and toss them into a drip campaign for nurturing. If they engage, alert the SDR who owns the lead and have them follow-up (current strategy, kind of a pain in the butt).

3. Let the account sit for a period of time (like ~1 month) and re-assign it to the SDR team (as if it were a brand new account). Usually in batches by company name or industry.

4. Set up some kind of re-targeting campaign (through LinkedIn ads) and let that run its course, then use option 2 or 3.

I'm sure I'm missing other methods! Interested in seeing what everyone else is doing to manage their nurture/maintenance accounts.

All of these are good options and can simultaneously be terrible. I would take a super deep dive as to what unites these unresponsive leads and decide based on your findings. You might end up with a doze silos and each will have to be dealt with differently. One thing to mention, is that sometimes, you just need to let the leads go. Because "pay ti... See more
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