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Looking for the silver bullet to productivity?

Unfortunately there isn't one. 😫

But I have learned -- the hard way -- that there IS a path to figuring out how to optimize yours... πŸ‘‡

For years I thought I COULD be a productive person, and I'd have flashes of it, but I struggled so hard.

I tried literally every app under the sun.

I'd use them religiously for a few weeks, then fall out of the habit, forget to update the tasks, become hopelessly behind, and give up.

I felt like total failure.

Until I decided to actually take a step back and think about when I was the most productive and easily remembered the most of what I needed to.

There was a pattern...ANALOG.

When I take hand written notes and lists, I remember them 10x more than anything typed or entered.

And I feel more satisfied doing it.

So I did my research, found the Bullet Journal, and nearly overnight my life and work changed.

Moral of the story?

When something is a struggle, find a similar situation when you excelled and understand why.

Then figure out how you can apply that lesson to the current situation.

A failure just means you haven't found the right way yet.

When have you pivoted your approach to play to your strengths and saw a jump in progress?


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