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Looking forward to Sharing, Learning & Growing

My name is Bob Gravely and am Managing Director | Sales Architect at Love this community title! Death 2 Fluff!

Our Mission: Help sales professionals and orgs increase revenue by improving the only two things that matter in sales – frequency and competency.

How? ScaleX.AI has pioneered an approach to help companies supercharge their sales activity and pipeline. Using our AI-powered technology stack our clients are seeing an increase in their daily sales activities of 6 to 10x their normal activity rate. 

Why Am I Here: Because I am uber curious. The thing I like most about sales is that there is always someone to learn from, a new idea, a new tactic, etc. It's a challenge that will never really be solved or completely mastered. There is always room for growth.

Hope I can share my humble insight and experience in hopes it may help someone win a deal, tell a great story, get to the top of the pile. And of course plug my company where it can actually be a solution. We solve sales activity challenges! I figure there may be some here...

Favorite Vacation: Just one...OUCH! It would be a long trip to Europe hitting 2 or 3 of the classic Formula One races including Monaco. And in between races wrap a river cruise in the middle for my wife.

Looking forward to some fun conversations and ideas! Check out my daily online newspaper at You can do one of these for yourself to!


Robert M. Gravely
Managing Director, Sales Architect at
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