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Make them hold it.

Make them hold it.

It’s a classic technique that has been mastered by all the mall shopping stands, bazaars, and markets overseas.

If you can get someone to hold what you are selling...

They are way less likely to give it back.

Been proven time and time again.

In fact you have probably fallen victim to it as well.

So how can we do this in Inside Sales?

It’s asking questions that get THEM to not only picture having your product, but also using it.

Asking them questions like.

  • How would you use this part here?
  • If you were configuring this, how would you want to?
  • How would you have your team leverage this part?
  • What would happen if you did it this way vs the old way?
  • How quickly would you want this up and running?

Getting them to picture using it, and having the answers come from them is KEY.

Or even better, make the demo interactive!

  • Have THEM click on something.
  • Have THEM build something out with you.
  • Have THEM upload something live into the demo environment.
  • Put THEIR info into the demo.

And so on.

It's almost a form of inception where it all starts to feel like their idea.

The same way once you hold something, part of you feels like it's yours already.

Get them to mentally hold it, and they won’t want to give it back.


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