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Markets are crowded and the gold rush is over. Now what?

The age of information asymmetry is over. Buyers are doing more research on the front end and entering sales conversations more educated than ever before. Obfuscation and heavy discounting is a recipe for a disastrous business/revenue model. Whereas companies focused on transparency and having a solid pricing plan are finding more success. 

In this Future of Sales podcast, Patrick Campbell, Co-founder/CEO of ProfitWell, uses his company’s background in data analytics to share some surprising stats about sales, including the truth behind heavy discounting. Patrick also goes back and forth with our host on quotas - is calling them “good” or “bad” too binary?

Listen and decide for yourself.

The “No Bullshit” Takeaways:


If you prefer to watch, here's the full video version of the episode


Ashley Zagst
Head of Marketing at Bravado
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