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Masks and Selling

Have you ever worn one of those thick rubber Halloween masks?

Working or selling when you're anxious can feel like you're wearing one of those masks all day.

Every time I put one of those masks on... this is what I feel:

I feel like a different person from who I truly am.

I feel hot and overheated.

I feel short on breath and I can't breathe.

I feel my mouth dry up.

I feel my perception narrow and can only see what is in front of me.

I feel like all I can hear is my voice in my mask as it echoes around the rubber encasing.

This will sound familiar to those with anxiety and trying to work/ sell while wearing a mask is good for no one. 

Now how good does it feel to take that mask off?

When you can be yourself.

When you can breathe again.

When you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell the world around you.

When you can think clearly again and listen to others.

When you can perceive opportunities that you have been missing, because of your mask.

Sales leaders this is one of the most important duties you have. Creating a safe place where your team doesn't feel the need to protect themselves by wearing a mask.

Where they can talk about Mental Health.

Where everyone can be embraced, loved and encouraged to be who they truly are.

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