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Master Class #2 Speaker Spotlight: Shaan Hathiramani

Master Class #2 is coming up on January 22nd! We are honored to introduce the speaker, Shaan.

Shaan is the founder and CEO of Flockjay, an online sales academy for jobseekers from non-traditional backgrounds. He has a life-long passion for teaching and mentorship, and has built education nonprofits in Chicago and New York. He enjoys swimming in the San Francisco Bay.

Q: Why is mentorship important to you?

Shaan: Coming from a 1st generation family, education and access have been lifelong passions. So much of upward mobility comes not only from hard work, but knowing which doors to open, and having a trusted mentor to help you get there.

Q: How did you get into sales / what drew you to sales?

Shaan: Sales is life-changing. It blends human connection with digital fluency, and it's all about using your diverse life experiences as strengths to move people and solve problems. 

Learn from Shaan how to craft your personal elevator pitch - how to show who you are, why you're relevant, and what you're worth to potential tech employers.

Register here for Master Class #2: Craft Your Personal Elevator Pitch -- Wed, 1/22 at 1PM PST

(For those of you who registered before this week, we have moved the webinar to a different registration link. Please register at the link above again if you plan on attending; otherwise, you can watch the recording afterwards. Thanks!)


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