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Master Class #3 Speaker Spotlight: John Barrows

Master Class #3 is coming up in a week! We are honored to introduce the speaker, John.

John provides sales training and consulting services to some of the world’s fastest growing companies including, Google, LinkedIn, and Slack. His over 20 years of experience spans all aspects of Sales at every level from making 400 cold calls a week as an inside sales rep to a VP of Sales at his first start up that was sold to Staples. He’s an active sales practitioner who trains what he does every day.

He’s also the proud author of a newly released Amazon best seller children’s book called “I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up!” that he wrote with his daughter.

Q: Why is mentorship important to you?

John: You have to make mistakes in order to grow and learn. Mentorship is an opportunity to share mistakes and learning lessons so others don’t have to make as many as you did. 

Q: How did you get into sales / what drew you to sales?

John: When I learned it was actually about helping people solve their problems or achieve their goals and not just about making money.

Learn from John how to build your personal brand on Thu, 2/13 at 11AM PST. Register here:


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