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Master Class #4 Speaker Spotlight: James Nielsen


Master Class #4 is coming up in a week! We are honored to introduce our speaker, James.

James Nielsen is the founder and CEO of Vendition, a company that helps recent college graduates find entry-level jobs in sales and trains them while they learn. James has spent his career building and training high performance sales teams for Silicon Valley startups of varying sizes all with successful eight and nine figure acquisitions. 

Q: Why is mentorship important to you?

James: Mentorship is not only extremely important early in your career but mentors are crucial throughout your career. Mentors can help share their knowledge and experience to help you learn more effectively and efficiently. Quality mentorship will greatly improve the probability of your success. 

Q: How you got into sales / what drew you to sales? 

James: I never considered sales as a profession while I was in college. I was recruited into sales engineering and quickly realized that I wanted to transition into running my own accounts and helping my customers solve business problems with technology. 

Learn from James how to find a job/internship using ICP and Buyer Persona techniques on 3/25 at 2:45pm PT.

Register here:

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