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Mental Health in Sales: More Than 40% Struggle

Think of five salespeople you know. Imagine their names and faces. Odds are, at least two of them are struggling with their mental health.


But no one’s really talking about mental health in sales, even though survey research has shown that over 40% of salespeople struggle with mental health.


In this episode, Ethan Beute interviewed Jeff Riseley, the founder of the Sales Health Alliance, about his passion to create more awareness around mental health in sales — and to help salespeople and sales leaders navigate stressful sales situations in a mentally healthy way to increase performance.


What they talked about:

- The ROI of investing in mental health

- The difference between having “luck” and “feeling lucky”

- The impact of setting sales quotas your reps aren’t likely to hit

- Thinking about salespeople as “corporate athletes”

- Jeff’s personal story of mental health awareness and advocacy


Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

- Start Talking PDF (in the same playlist!)

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