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Hey Y'all! I'm a sales manager for a small robotics company called Gecko Robotics and I'm looking to for an outside sales mentor- calling on you if you carry a big quota, sell face-to-face and consistently outperform. Bonus points if you sell a disruptive technology in a relationship-based industry, like oil & gas.

I'm also willing to mentor those just starting out in their careers as BDRs/ISRs. I have a track record of blowing out quotas and rapidly earning promotions. Success = 80 process / 20 finesse... I can at least show you the process that has worked for me.

Chris Wolfe
Sales Manager at Gecko Robotics
ameen sait
Solutions Manager at IBM Can
Hey Chris happy to provide some tips to you - I work at IBM Canada and am based in Toronto so big quotas are a given.  Am now managing a team for AI, SAP Hana, LinuxOne and Hybrid Cloud but worked as a client executive for 3 years within IBM for Oil and Gas in Alberta so have gone through quite a few ups and downs there..please reach out to me amee... See more
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