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Survey Results & Support from Bravado

Dear Mentorship Community,

Hope you are well! Team Bravado conducted an anonymous survey on how COVID-19 is affecting our mentorship community. Below are the results from the survey & our commitment to support you during this time.

📋Survey results

Are you affected by COVID-19 professionally? If so, how?

  • 73% of respondents are negatively affected;
  • 83% of mentees are negatively affected in terms of job security & recruiting; 
  • 81% of mentors are negatively affected in terms of job security, deals getting pushed & missing quarterly targets.

How can Bravado Mentorship better help you at this time?

  • 45% want more content on how to navigate these uncertain times; 
  • 18% need recruiting help and resources such as a job board; 
  • 17% seek connections with other community members.

I’m sure you don’t need more numbers to prove what a difficult time this is; but these results showed us how heavily our own community is impacted & propel us at Bravado to take actions ASAP. So here’s our plan & how you can take advantage of our resources!

💻Watch existing content. The free content produced by Bravado and our content partners provide helpful tips during this time -- on job search, interviews, client calls, & daily work! 

  1. How to get Anyone to Talk to you on the Phone with LB from #GirlsClub 
  2. Crafting Your Personal Elevator Pitch with Shaan Hathiramani from Flockjay
  3. Building Your Personal Brand and Improving Business Acumen with John Barrows
  4. How to Find a Job/Internship Using ICP and Buyer Persona Techniques with James Nielsen from Vendition

📖Search topics & Explore community content. Go to the search bar on top and type in a keyword -- Voila! Now enjoy access to tactical tips and best practices from 10+ communities led by sales experts including Becc Holland, KD, Lori Richardson, Belal Batrawy, Kasey Jones, Rebekah Brewer and more! For starters, navigate to The Water Cooler managed by our very own Sahil Mansuri for daily insights & networking opportunities! 

👀More exciting stuff coming your way!

  • 🌐Mentorship Mixers: Distinguished Bravado mentors will generously answer questions & share advice in these recurring online mixers. Anyone in the community can join to share knowledge & network. Look out for RSVP info shortly!
  • 🎤New Master Classes: We have partnered with more sales experts and leading sales organizations to create/curate content specific to the current climate. Stay tuned!
  • 💡Job board (coming May 1st!): Bravado is building a free job board for sales pros. We have a list of companies that are actively hiring and can directly connect candidates with hiring managers. You will get first access as a Bravado member!

What are you most looking forward to? What else would you like to see on Bravado? Comment below!

Hope everyone stays well and healthy! Be well, sell well! ❤


Team Bravado

Nancy Zhu
Business Operations at Bravado
Amy Young
VP of Operations at Bravado
Excited for the upcoming Mentorship Mixers, new Master Classes, and Jobs Marketplace! 
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