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Mindset Is Everything

You down with M.I.E!?



Mindset. Is. Everything.

That's all I could think of after my chat with Tom Short

I was ready to run through a brick wall after our podcast episode.

Run through that brick wall, but the meditate afterward and 'become one with the wall'

But what made the episode so great wasn't just the hype...

Anyone can get you hyped from time to time.

But Tom was able to give true, tactical advice on all things mindset.

-- How to snap out of a funk

-- How to reset

-- Daily habits for the unbreakable mind.

-- Even talking about how the 1% of the top 10% are SO much different than the rest.

He got to see it first hand with the last true Olympic Dream team. With the likes of Kobe and Lebron on the same team.

Then we were able to weave it into the sales word as well, and man this one was good.

I left with almost 3 pages of notes and will FOR SURE be brining him back.

I figured the last Monday of what has been a roller coaster Q2 was the perfect time to drop this one.

Strap in ya'll, this one will get you going!

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