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"Mommy, where do leads come from?" 🤔

"Why, from the CRM, sweetheart. You know that." 😊

"Yeah but where do they come from *before* that? And how do they get into the CRM ? And who decides when, how and why the leads come to my CRM and... And..." 🤔

"So many things you needn't worry about.

Now run along and make your cold calls. You've gotta get 150 every day if you're gonna grow into a big strong salesman" 😊

That in a nutshell described my early experience as an SDR and full cycle rep.

Zero insight into the prospect's journey before it landed in my MQL bucket or list

Zero sense of agency in getting these answers for myself

Zero sense of purpose in my day to day efforts due to this lack of insight.

Zero idea how to use said info if I managed to get my hands on it.

It didn't have to be that way.

#SDR Are you in the dark about where your leads come from and why?

#salesleaders Are you arming your reps with insight into who their in market leads are?

#b2bmarketing leaders How are you helping fill in these gaps?

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