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More office hours don’t = more sales.

No one sees you waking up at 3:45am to catch your flight ✈️ at 6am.

No one sees you creating your own ROI calculator at 2am for your presentation 📊

No one sees you recording yourself pitch 📹 in the basement after your family goes to bed the night before your big presentation.

No one needs to see you do these things.

Never feel bad not being in the office from 7am to 7pm every day as an Enterprise rep...

as long as you know you’re doing your thing.

Focus on your daily action items.

Make daily progress on key accounts.

Only YOU know when you had a great day.

Crushed everything by 4pm? ✅

Go reward yourself by leaving to see your kid’s soccer game.

You missed three days with the family because of being on the road?

It’s OK to take the kids to school the next morning and have a coffee date with your spouse before heading into the office.

More office hours don’t = more sales.

Milestones > Minutes ⏰

Great leaders will take notice of the right metrics and encourage you to keep it up.

Let the number of meetings, proposals and POs reflect your efforts ✍️

Percentage to Quota.

Everyone sees it 👀

So let it do the talking and point to the leaderboard when someone in the office asks where you’ve been.



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