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More time needs to be spent on teaching time management.


On Avg - There’s an interruption every 11 minutes, and it takes us 25 minutes to get back to our previous level of focus.

Which means we’re virtually never at our optimal focus level.

The average person gets 3 hours of productive work done per day.

Holy Sh*t.

This is what drains us!

So here are some simple “hacks” to improve focus.

(1) Wear headphones – it sends a signal to those around you that you’re in focus mode.

(2) Listen to the right music – instrumental works best. Words distract.

(3) Schedule your Breaks/Distractions. Give yourself permission to give your brain a break.

(4) Stop multi-tasking – we’re biologically incapable of doing it. Calendar block your days, including breaks. Plan The Day!

(5) Turn off Slack/Email/Text notifications. PLEASE

(6) Play games. Games have been proven to heighten brain function, including things like task switching and decision making.

(7) Focus on relaxation during your breaks. Incorporate proper breathing, movement, reading, and meditation.

(8) Get outside! Seeing blue sky and green grass has a naturally calming effect, and Vitamin D is good for the brain.

Try these things out - your brain and productivity will thank you for it!

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