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Most AE follow up I see is atrocious.

AE's you HAVE to remember this.

The follow-up proposal is NOT for the person you spoke to.

It's for all the people that you DIDN'T talk to.

Common follow up sins I see.

Too long, talking all about the product, not 'personalized', n next steps, just pricing, all logic no emotion.

Ugh. YUCK.

So here is how you make your proposal pop.

1. Talk about the prospect and the problem 5x more than the product.

2. Find places to put - you said, you mentioned, you wanted, you felt, etc

3. FAQ and Impact for the OTHERS - What are the FAQ's other people will have, 8 mile and include them.

4. Agreement - What did they say they would do, remind them, and remind them WHY they need to do it.

5. WHWP - Short and Sweet product recap.

-- What the product does,

-- How how it solves the problem.

-- Why they want to solve the problems.

-- Proof you have solved them before.

6. Paint the better future - with emotion! 7x ROI is not painting a vivid better future, and by the way, they don't believe you.

7. Have fun (honestly just felt weird ending on 6, so threw this in)

Go review your proposals and follow up emails right now.

I bet you they don't look like this.

Go make them look like this.


Thanks, Kevin. Would love to see any great follow up examples you have encountered or created? 
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