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Share something YOU learned this month.

Most people I've talked to this month are telling me May didn't turn out as expected. Results were low, clients were lost, sh** happened.

Let's change the tone. I had a great conversation with Cynthia Barnes yesterday and she reminded me that even when you screw up or things don't go your way if you LEARN SOMETHING it isn't really a loss.

So let's focus on what we LEARNED in May. Jump in the comments - DM me a video or voice message. Share something YOU learned this month.

I'll start - This month smacked me full in the face...repeatedly...with the importance of self-care. I don't perform when I'm not prioritizing taking care of myself.

For those that need to hear this:

🥰🤩 I believe in you. It will get better.

🤗🤗😚You're not alone - connect with this community. It will sustain you.


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