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My friend Jen has the most amazing job ever.

My friend Jen has the most amazing job ever. She is a professional talker - like we are in sales.....but.......

Jen is a sideline reporter for the Seattle Seahawks and for ROOT SPORTS - NORTHWEST. One reason I know Jen has a cool job is because she earned a Super Bowl ring - and she interviews some of the best athletes in the world.

Jen's not so busy at the moment due to COVID-19Lucky for Jen, she also runs Talk Sporty To Me where she helps business leaders communicate better.

Jen says:

"A good story isn’t universal. What resonates with one person might not land with another. Yet it’s universally accepted the most influential and effective leaders are great storytellers. It’s a requirement that seemingly comes with a moving target unless you start with the same set of questions I use in the locker room. My goal in a post-game interview is to tell the story or what happened and why it matters. Essentially the questions I ask are ones every fan wants answered when they look at the outcome of the game. The answers athletes provide tell the story.

Each one of my questions fall into one of five basic categories:How did you contribute? There’s a specific reason I asked for the interview in the first place."

To hear more about storytelling from Jen, see the link in the comments.

Check out the rest of the story here:
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Thanks for the mention Lori and for sharing my tips around storytelling as a leader! 

Knowing that stories can be told in 20-30 seconds on TV and are ultimately the answers to questions I ask in post-game interviews has helped me do a better job of sharing my own story. It always felt like it had to be some big ordeal, until I noticed the parallels ...
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