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Never believe your own legend.

Once you get the hang of sales and start meeting then exceeding quota, your ego starts to grow.

You start to think you can’t learn anything from others and that you’re the “best” at what you do because you’re #1, for now.

People will praise you to your face yet we can feel the envy in their eyes.

You’ll stop putting in all the work that got you there because you don’t believe you need to do so.

Then something interesting happens, you lose your position. You have a bad month which then turns into a bad quarter.

The praise stops coming and people start to wonder if you’re a “one-hit wonder?”

Ego is the enemy for a reason.

Don’t let it fool you into thinking that “you’ve made it.”

Here’s the startling truth, you’ve never “made it.” Rather, you go to the next level in a game that has infinite levels.

How do you keep your ego in check? Share below in the comments.

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