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Never Lose. Period.

They say “never lose a deal alone.”

That is more true now more than ever.

If you’re fortune enough to still have a job 🙏

If you’re fortunate enough to have a deal in play during a pandemic...

you can’t afford to lose that deal.

Because if your ass lost that deal and you didn’t bring in your execs early enough or at all ... 🤦🏻‍♂️

That means you just lost alone and your ass will be on the hot 🔥 seat.

Nobody likes to be micro managed. I get it.

That’s the worst. So be proactive.

Especially during this time. Get a ton of eyes on that deal. Don’t be too cool for help.

Create a strategy and go to your VP with your strategy on how you’re going to win - where you need help - and where you see risks.

And if you have a deal in play this Q?

I want to help you with your deal and strategy.

Let’s make sure you don’t lose at all.

I will create a small group strategy session for my Bravado community next week.

May also bring in a special guest too for additional fire power.

Who’s got a deal they want to work on together?

Hit me up. Let’s do this. Together.



Paul Salamanca
VP Global Sales at SecurityScorecard Inc.
Anjali Purkayastha
Senior Business Development Representative at Efficient Hire
I'm working on my first deal at my newish job! I'm a BDR and it's the first one I'm getting to do the follow up on. I think it will close, I just sent a reference and our next call is scheduled. I'm interested in as much help as I can get!
Paul Salamanca
VP Global Sales at SecurityScorecard Inc.
Let’s review your deal next week on Zoom. Stay tuned for details 
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