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Never Lose. Period.

They say “never lose a deal alone.”

That is more true now more than ever.

If you’re fortune enough to still have a job 🙏

If you’re fortunate enough to have a deal in play during a pandemic...

you can’t afford to lose that deal.

Because if your ass lost that deal and you didn’t bring in your execs early enough or at all ... 🤦🏻‍♂️

That means you just lost alone and your ass will be on the hot 🔥 seat.

Nobody likes to be micro managed. I get it.

That’s the worst. So be proactive.

Especially during this time. Get a ton of eyes on that deal. Don’t be too cool for help.

Create a strategy and go to your VP with your strategy on how you’re going to win - where you need help - and where you see risks.

And if you have a deal in play this Q?

I want to help you with your deal and strategy.

Let’s make sure you don’t lose at all.

I will create a small group strategy session for my Bravado community next week.

May also bring in a special guest too for additional fire power.

Who’s got a deal they want to work on together?

Hit me up. Let’s do this. Together.



I'm working on my first deal at my newish job! I'm a BDR and it's the first one I'm getting to do the follow up on. I think it will close, I just sent a reference and our next call is scheduled. I'm interested in as much help as I can get!
Let’s review your deal next week on Zoom. Stay tuned for details 
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