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55: New Conversations w/Women in Sales interview with Catie Ivey, Demandbase

Topic: Values Based Selling - Why Purpose and Authenticity Win

Catie Ivey is the Regional Vice President of Sales at Demandbase, which is a leading B2B marketing platform. Prior to joining Demandbase, Catie ran revenue teams at Marketo, Insightpool, Salesforce, and Meltwater, and she has deep expertise in MarTech specifically and how to better leverage technology to scale revenue teams.  Catie is a huge advocate for getting more women into sales and sales leadership, so many of the topics we talk about here on ‘Women in Sales’ are topics she speaks passionately about.

Check out the post and listen to the interview!

Don't forget... open invitation to all #womeninsales who would liked to be a guest on the show. All you have to do is ping me.

Barbara Giamanco
CEO at Social Centered Selling
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