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Nice to Meet Everyone!

A little about myself as well - Entrepreneur at heart, I had an opportunity to open my own business out of college however my parents begged me to get a "real job" first! Worked at MBNA for a year and networked...a gentleman I worked with invited me to be employee #7 of a financial services company with no customers, an investor and a business plan. I was able to fuel my entrepreneurial spirit through this venture and was able to develop lots of skills including managing underwriting of a $300 million portfolio of loans, business development - starting a reseller channel that fueled over $400 million in business, and growing an award winning sales team over over 150 people that has won numerous awards including J.D.Power highest score ever given for inside sales. While growing the sales organization, I also helped us through numerous equity raises by selling our vision and capabilities. 12 years later and the only original founder , we successfully led an acquisition by PayPal to continue to grow the business. I now lead sales for Global Business Lending at PayPal. In my current role I have built one of the most prominent inside sales organizations in the world that is driven by talent and optimizing technology.

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