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Not Only Did He Meet With Me, He Bought From Me

Once upon a time I had an individual tell me that “I will never meet with you, not in a thousand years, never call me again.”

I accepted that challenge and within 9 months not only did he meet with me, he bought from me.

When it comes to cold calling and outreach, don’t worry if you get a bad response from your script or an idea you were trying in order to get through to someone who seemed untouchable.

Just be prepared to try again in a way that causes undeniable curiosity, if you don’t lead that way from the start.

That was the case here.

I decided, let’s just call him, and call him often. Once I’ve got him he’ll like what I have to say.

I got 3 words out of my mouth and he responded with the above quote.

Dude didn’t like being called on the phone. I found this out much later. 9 months later.

But I didn’t give up.

I started a series of touches that didn’t focus on my company or my products.

Video came into play, props, and other wild/wacky marketing pieces.

Eventually I had given him such an awesome experience that he came out of his office when I stopped by and asked for him.

The smile on this man’s face... priceless. Even if he didn’t buy from me, in that moment, all my effort was worth it.

Simply put, you just need to #ChangeTheGame

#RiseRebels #B2B

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