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Ok to walk away...


We need you to lower your price. 

This was the second time Procurement said this after we gave a really great deal.

4 days left in the Q. I said to my rep:

“If Procurement comes back and asks for 

something else after this, I’m going to walk away. Are you ok with that?”

he said “Yes.” 

There wasn’t much left to give so went back with a very creative proposal.

Procurement knew we had 4 days left until our end of Q. 

So Procurement asked for another discount. I finally said... 

“We really gave you a great deal. We really want to do business with you, but not like this. I’m afraid we have to walk away.” 


Always give it one last “However” before walking away...

“Please let the Business Unit know we would still honor the proposal on the table 

for the remainder of the Q.”

Then we walked away...

No communication for the rest of that day.

 The entire next day was silent too. 

I knew 2 things:

1) The business needed our solution. 

2) We gave them a great deal. 

Two days left he called back. 

Deal was done on the last day of the Q. 

Not every deal will be the same, but every 

deal should be a great deal for your buyer.

Giving your buyer a great deal from the start will give you the confidence to 

walk away from a bad negotiation and will 

make the buyer realize how good of a deal they’re getting. 



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