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On a quest to become a technical sales guy

So yeah,

I am on a mission to become more technical sales guy. I have enrolled in Andrew Ng's course, probably going to do a boot camp (man they are expensive), getting down with Matlab/Mathworks, oh, and I am brushing up on my ol' Linear Algebra and Calculus game.


My goal is become is to become a founder, bridge sales (highly emotive skillset), and intuition with machines. Particularly NLP and ML. (Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning).

The question I am trying to answer is "can machines make us better at Emotional Intelligence and empathy and therefore better at persuasion and listening?"

We will see how this goes, I am trying to help others along the way.

What do you guys think, am I on to something? Am I completely crazy?

looking for help, resources, ideas etc?

Keep Striving!!

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