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On making emails more actionable to potentially boost response rate.

What does it take for your recipient to reply?

- think of a response

- type it in

- send

I think most of us would agree that our recipients are generally too busy to distract their current thought process and think of what they should reply to you with.

Why not give your recipient suggestions about what they can reply to you with?

Here is a chrome extension - Email Actions - that you can use to add 1-click reply suggestions to your email and boost your response rate.

This is very much a version 0.1, not fully styled yet but functionality wise- it works!

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you and whether this helped your response rate, hoping to garner feedback and your thoughts.

Are there some other tools that solve this? What other tools/techniques do you use to make your email more actionable?

Thanks in advance.

Available in chrome web store

Look forward to trying this out.  Thanks for sharing
Definitely thanks for sharing Sean! I am going to try this out now as I get ready to dig into to emails!
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