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On the look out for my “Honorary New Zealander" Medal in the mail :)

If you for ONE MINUTE don’t believe that I would EVER get the chance to speak at an event about how you can “Personalize Your Cold Outreach at Scale” with a gentlemen who was on Dancing with the Stars, Wheel of Fortune, starred in “The Rich List” & is one of the BIGGEST celebrities in ALL of New Zealand…

Then we both have the belief in common & are both sorely mistaken. :)

Jason Gunn what a fun session.

It took me ~20 min. to read through your Wikipedia after the session...Which THEN lead to a 4 hour rabbit trail of watching you on Dancing with the Stars...

Where in one episode, you were very casually talking to JASON DERULO after he performed “The Other Side”.

Mind blown. 🤯🤯🤯

Thanks to Mike Stokes & Indicator for having me - New Zealand.. I know it's a mass generalization, but from what I've seen, you all take the time to really KNOW your buyer before you reach out which makes you MILES ahead of the game in my book & low key, makes me want to move there -

I’ll be sure to look out for my “Honorary New Zealander" Medal in the mail. :)

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