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One of my favorite ways to solicit feedback

One of my favorite ways to solicit feedback is to ask for feedback is to use these three questions. It's a classic and if you give people a moment to think they'll always surprise you with what they come up with.

😫🤬😱 What should I/we STOP doing?

🥰🥳🤗What should I/we KEEP doing?

🤔🤩🧠 What should I/we START doing?

I did this with a client last week - and got some fantastic, honest feedback. It led to a discussions where I figured out while he was happy with my work - the presentation wasn't up to par. Now I have a chance to improve and build a deeper relationship.

I did this with a coaching client whom I could tell wasn't engaged. I learned more about how they think and their priorities which led to a new direction for our time that is already producing results (two meetings booked this week after a drought!)

I did this with myself and came up with this:

-I need to STOP letting myself be "on call" all the time. Setting time for self-care MATTERS - this is a marathon not a sprint.

-I need to KEEP pushing myself. As Trish Bertuzzi says - You need to be good at one of two things: planting in the spring or begging in the fall. #idonotbeg

-I need to START treating myself like an #entrepreneur

Love this Ashleigh Early !

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