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Our country is going through a mental health crisis.

The data proves it and anecdotes back it up with ferocity.

As someone who has dealt with my fair share of depression and anxiety, I wanted to share a few tips that are helping me through this time.

1️⃣ get professional help. Consistent therapy has helped me turn dark times into positive growth, time and time again.

2️⃣ eliminate or mitigate any influence that is weighing you down. Whether people in your life or the constant barrage of negative news, do what you can to protect yourself.

3️⃣ write down your biggest fears and give yourself the space to feel them, be curious about them, and process them.

Often when I do this, it sucks the energy out of those fears and lets me move on. 

4️⃣ exercise. Even a short walk can improve your mood and make you feel just a little better about life.

5️⃣ reach out. People want to help, but they need to know how.

6️⃣ make a list of all the things that make you feel better. Dancing to a certain song, eating a certain meal, watching your favorite show etc.

Then commit to doing one of them for five minutes anytime you feel overwhelmed with sadness or anxiety.

What makes you feel better, when you’re overwhelmed?

Share in the comments so we can all learn.

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