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Outbounding the Virtual Conference.

I have caught myself daydreaming about tech conferences recently...

If you're like me, you're missing the days where you spent 14 hours networking with supernova energy and shaking the hands of founders and innovators.

I'm impressed with the innovation from virtual conferences so far, but their in-app features aren't enough for an outbound team to pull Dreamforce-level results (oh, the memories!).

We found ourselves on conference apps for hours, sending thoughtfully personalized messages and scheduling in-app meetings until our eyes hurt... AND STILL GOT NADA!

We had a response rate so low ... I almost asked my mom to book a demo so we could just feel a little momentum.

After sucking wind... here's three things our team has learned :

  • Linkedin and email are still #1 for conference prospecting. We send shorter messages in-app, followed by more thoughtful email and inMail.

  • If it's not on their calendar, you're gambling... Send an invite even if it's tentative.

  • Use the conference app to source prospects, as they may have less blockers than usual.

  • We all feel the strangeness of this new virtual conference world, and it's been a fantastic ice breaker to build rapport!

Learn from our mistakes, and share any insights you find! I hope to see all of you at a conference soon, whether we're logging on a computer or hopping on a flight.

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